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After hibernation windows awakes when moving the mouse

You put your computer into hibernation. Everything seems to fine and you went off. When you come back your PC is running. How? Mostly since you have a cordless mouse which sends from time to time a signal. Or you just moved the mouse.
After checking all BIOS settings you were not able to find the reason. This is because the main reason for the problem is your OS: Windows 7 or Windows Vista. They have their own build-in power management.  So you need to change the settings there.

So, if you have the problem that your computer awakes when moving the mouse after the hibernation there is a simple solution:

  • Open the „Device Manager“
  • Collapse „Mice and other pointing devices“
  • Select your mouse
  • Right click and select „Properties“
  • Switch to the „Power Management“ tab
  • Deselect „Allow this device to wake the computer“
  • Done!