Monthly Archives: Mai 2008

Load outdated Firefox Add-ons

If you like to test the newest version of Firefox may some of you plugins will stop work. This is since they really don’t work with this version or the of the plugion author hasn’t tested it and released a new version. If you don’t like to wait to update the add-on you have some options:

  • Edit the .xpi file. XPI is just a simple zip files which contains the plugin. There you’ll find an install.rdf where the author entered the maxVersion of the browser. So just edit, save, repack, rename and reinstall will work
  • Disable compatibility completely. You just need to add some information via the about:config dialog, restart and all add-ons will load again
  • Use the Nightly Tester Tools. After you installed this plugin you are able to choose on which add-on you like to disable the compatibility check. Just go to the add-on manager and right click on you outdated plugin. There you find a new menu entry.
    For me this is the preferred method!