[IM004] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]

ERROR [IM004] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Fehler beim SQLAllocHandle-Aufruf für Treiber auf SQL_HANDLE_ENV

Yeah … this damm error took me hours of hard work. I was setting up a new version of the IBM DB/2 Database. Finally I was allowed to update from Version 6.1 to the Express 8.1. So I did! After installation my asp.net application was not longer running. It stopped with the error above or was running forever. (To reproduce the error page I had to kill the aspnet_wp task every time)

Sure I tried Google & Co, but it was very hard to find the solution since nearly all error relatet to this where mention Oracle. But finally somewhere was a post which gave me a hint. „Check your PATH!“ So I did. But there was nothing wrong with – I thought. So I tried just for fun to set the DB2 stuff directly after the normal windows stuff. Rebooted and volia! It works!

Once again this is a thing you may don’t want known why it has to be this way… Don’t ask and you wan’t get an answer.

[UPDATE]: I really go to hate this kind of stuff. Once again I got this error. Before I may need to mention that I’ve installed three DBMS. Oracle, Sql Server Express and DB/2. I had the problem with the DB/2 ODBC driver. I need to move the path between the MS-SQL and Oracle. So feel free to try many, many, many ….. diffrent positions. Or – may the best solution ever – install every DBMS in a virtual PC.

One thought on “[IM004] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]”

  1. Frank

    So did it to me. Your hint was my rescue!!!

    It must be, that some progam parts would be better to use from MS against those from oracle. Therefore the order in the path regulates the proceccing order wich leads to Oracle standardly.

    The changing leads to the good working MS tools.

    Thanks a lot!!!


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